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barefoot camp testimonials


age 10

Barefoot Adventures feel like a party every day! Hollie & Jess make you feel like a family. They have taught me to never give up even when times are hard. I can be me at Barefoot Adventures. I have made lots of great friends. It's the best part of my summer!

age 9

Barefoot Adventures has been a great experience for me because it’s taught me so much. Jess and Hollie believed in me when I thought I could not do somethings. This has been the best part of my summer!


age 11

age 11

Jess and Hollie taught me to be creative with everything. They taught me to reward myself when I make personal triumphs. I felt very relaxed while mediating, all of my stress was relieved. Making new friends was also a personal triumph. I was able to learn a lot in such a short amount of time. 

age 13

Barefoot Adventures made me think more positive. Like when something doesn’t work in my favor, I think “It wasn’t meant to be.” It keeps me more happy rather than sad. It makes life more happy when you are positive. I also made some really good friends that I will miss at Barefoot Adventures

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