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About Barefoot adventures

We came together united by our passion for service and possibility. By sharing these passions we are able to provide a mindful learning experience in conjunction with personal development, confidence building, risk taking, team work, and fun! Barefoot Adventures will help inspire all that is possible in each and everyone of you.


Focusing on the connection of breath work and movement, children experience building strength, flexibility, and confidence as they are guided through a series of playful practices, poses, and partner activities.


Focusing on the theme of possibility, children will read inspirational short stories about children making a positive difference in their community.

Team building

Focusing on the theme of working together, children will participate in a variety of playful team building activities taking advantage of the bay and beach elements.


Focusing on the connection between head and heart, children will journal about their experiences as a Barefoot Adventurer.


Focusing on being present, children will engage in activities that promote emotional balance to decrease stress and anxiety, improve health, promote better sleep patterns, increase compassion and awareness to build stronger relationships with themselves and others.

Stand Up
Paddle Boarding

Focusing on the magic of a board, a paddle, and the open water, children learn the fundamentals of Stand Up Paddle Boarding while experiencing the ultimate fun of daily paddleboard excursions and team building activities.

Barefoot Sessions

Check out our sessions to find out what is going on at Barefoot Adventures!

Weekly Camp Sessions: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Cost: $130 per day or $390 per session

Camp Times: 9:00 am - 12:30 pm

Age Range: 8 to 16 years of age

Camp Location: Sunset Park | 1 W Salem Ave | Harvey Cedars, New Jersey 

Snacks will be provided and we are peanut free

Tuesday July 11th - Thursday July 13th

Barefoot Adventures Summer Camp LBI

Outdoor Session 1

Barefoot Adventures Summer Camp LBI

Outdoor Session 2

Tuesday July 18th - Thursday July 20th

Barefoot Adventures Summer Camp LBI

Outdoor Session 3

Tuesday July 25th - Thursday July 27th

Barefoot Adventures Summer Camp LBI

Outdoor Session 4

Tuesday August 1st - Thursday July 3rd

Barefoot Adventures Summer Camp LBI

Outdoor Session 5

Tuesday August 8th - Thursday August 10tth

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